Company profile
   Heilongjiang Construction And Installation Group Co., Ltd. (Longan group), formerly known as the Northeast third construction engineering company "," east company establishment after the withdrawal, after a series of changes, in 1962 established "Heilongjiang Provincial Department of construction and installation engineering company, and then experience the changed its name several times, until 1972 was established as the" Heilongjiang Province installation engineering company. By the end of 2015, the enterprise after restructuring and reorganization, set up a " Heilongjiang Construction And Installation Group Co., Ltd.".
   Longan group for domestic provincial large state-owned comprehensive construction installation enterprise, since 1962, has always been committed to the cause of national construction, committed to the pursuit of development and the leading comprehensive construction of exploration and practice, in the service of the various livelihood security engineering construction and the construction of industrial projects withstood the ebb tide at the beginning of the founding of difficult years of the reform and opening up, always adhere to stand erect in the Longjiang earth in the form of state-owned enterprises. More than half a century of ups and downs, several generations of longan of hard work ahead, Long'an group for the social from all walks of life with the many high quality construction achievement and works, for the prosperity of a nation dedicated silently handed down from generation to generation youth.
   Longan group belonging to Heilongjiang Province Construction Group, existing staff 2000 people, including: project technical and management staff more than 600 people, national registered built division of more than 400 people, senior workers, technicians, workers technicians, nearly 300 people, professional construction trades to 17.
   The company has issued by the national Ministry of construction general contracting construction level, professional contracting qualification level of more than 10, the qualification covers a wide, wide professional coverage, the overall level of qualification ranking forefront of the installation enterprises at the provincial level.
Construction business content for the five plates:
   Electrical and mechanical installation: Metallurgical Building materials, paper making, pharmaceutical, food, light industrial textile, boiler power station, etc..
   Municipal Engineering: municipal road and bridge, city lighting, to drainage, gas, heating, waste gas and waste water treatment, urban garbage treatment.
   Housing construction: residential, commercial real estate, industrial construction, urban public facilities complex, etc..
   Petroleum and chemical industry: oil refining, oil and gas pipelines, storage tanks, production of acid, alkali, organic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc..
   Professional construction: steel structure, elevator installation, pipeline, environmental protection, new energy, building intelligent, fire, air conditioning, electric power, pressure vessels, pressure pipes, lifting, testing, etc..
   "In good faith seek development, to the quality of casting brand", the company adhere to the high-quality construction service to win various the user's trust and approval, has awarded the "Shou contract re credit" enterprises, the national advanced construction enterprise, hundreds of national customer satisfaction enterprise, the building of spiritual civilization advanced units, more than one hundred national, provincial and municipal honorary title, 1990 so far, for 25 consecutive years was rated as Heilongjiang Province "Shou contract re credit" enterprise, at the same time, the company contracted construction project a gold, silver and model projects, more than one hundred, since 2010, many projects removal of the national installed the industry's highest award - "installation star" Quality Engineering Award. Along with the history and look forward to the future, new era of longan continue to inheritance "the development of the enterprise, rich employees, social services," the enterprise idea, from this moment, sincerely with you hand in hand, together to create our beautiful future...